Fontenebro International School has been officially recognized by the Ministries of Health and Education as an Educational Center committed to the use of Sports and Physical Education. In addition, we are firmly committed to training and raising awareness of healthy habits through different programs.

Students between 1 and 5 years old carry out Psychomotricity with a qualified specialist teacher with a Master’s degree in Psychomotricity. Additionally, students have 3 hours of Physical Education per week, among which one of them is reserved for swimming, incorporated into the school schedule from 2 years to 4th ESO included. In 4th ESO we offer the possibility of validating the practical part of the Rescue and Lifeguard title. Our 4th ESO students have the possibility of graduating with the Rescue and Lifeguard Title at our School at the end of the course and after the relevant tests.

In addition, we have a wide variety of extracurricular activities aimed at sports and different workshops and programs outside school hours, such as the “Domingos al Monte” activities, in which hiking trails are organized for the whole family through different points of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

We are firm defenders of the importance of Physical Education, which promotes friendship and fair play, discipline, teamwork and respect for the rules.

Our School makes a firm commitment to sport as a source of personal growth and development for students, helping to improve their self-esteem, their physical fitness and promoting values ​​such as team spirit, trust and camaraderie.


The School makes available to its students the opportunity to participate free of charge in introductory workshops on Water polo, Rugby, Judo, skating, etc…

In addition, every year they participate in the celebration of School Sports Day, with different sports activities to share with families.

It is about promoting healthy living habits and acquiring a commitment with students and families to raise awareness about the subject and carry it out in a practical and effective way, through a continuous program throughout the year. The project is part of the great state alliance for the prevention of childhood obesity and has the collaboration of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports through the National Center for Educational Innovation and Research (CNIIE), the Ministry of Health, Social Services , and Equality, the La Salle Higher Studies Center, Spain moves, among other collaborating companies.

This project is inspired by and in line with the NAOS Strategy and the Strategy for Health Promotion and Prevention in the National Health System of the Ministry of Health and the prescriptions of the International Olympic Committee for “Sports for All”. .