Since its foundation, the school has always considered music to be an important element of students’ education.

This year, we have also worked on content related to the topics of the IPC. The involvement of many students last term in the recording of the song “Lighting up the flame” for the international project Voices Around the World should be noted in this regard.

From Early Years, through Primary and finishing in Secondary, our students develop their skills and knowledge in various aspects: listening, voice, rhythm, dance, instrumental practice, reading music, knowledge of the fundamental elements of music, its evolution in the course of history (styles, composers, etc.) and music in other cultures.

In addition to the subject of music, the Music Department arranges other activities, such as a choir, orchestra, music school, emotions choir and technology.

We also work on all the social and emotional aspects that play a role in music activities and try to tap into the full creative and critical potential of students. Each group of students has the chance to attend at least one concert outside the school during the year.


Our students have specialist art teachers from Early Years onwards.

Without prejudice to following the official programs marked, it is considered necessary to provide these students with a program that gives them the opportunity to approach the different areas of knowledge in a different and deeper way, promoting their experimentation, developing their creativity, showing them the way of investigating and varying teaching-learning strategies in order to adapt them to their abilities and needs.


Drama, public speaking and debate play an active part in our curriculum starting at an early stage.

Our students learn Communication Skills, Emotional Education and Critical Thinking Skills through established subjects within the curriculum at all stages, we contribute to the development of solvent students, well-rounded people, capable of continuing to learn all their lives, curious, cultured, instructions and responsible.