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Why choose us?

FONTENEBRO SCHOOL offers a comprehensive and personalized educational project for each and every one of our students, according to the qualities, aptitudes and values ​​that they will need in the future. We put the focus of attention on learning and for this we carry out more than 250 annual classroom observations to verify and improve the learning process of our students.

Our students learn in a welcoming, pleasant and comfortable environment, in an environment and with teachers who care about their emotional well-being as the basis for their learning.

We are part of the international group ISP (International School Partnership), which currently has more than 50 schools in the Middle East, the United States, Mexico, Malaysia, Costa Rica, England and Europe, among others.


Our goal is learning, understood as the process of constant improvement of our knowledge, skills and ability to understand. For there to be learning, it is necessary for a series of repeated experiences to occur with which we activate the brain and establish the necessary connections. This phenomenon occurs through what we call good struggle, a term that reflects how students learn by leaving their comfort zone and having to overcome manageable difficulties appropriate to their level. We assume as a reality of our classrooms that each student learns in different ways and at different times.


Our commitment is the integral formation of the student working, not only the acquisition of knowledge, but also the development of skills, talents, abilities and promoting, in turn, education in universal values.

We develop social and communication skills, we contribute to the development of solvent students, complete people, capable of continuing to learn throughout their lives, curious, cultured, educated and responsible. We train people capable of managing their present and directing their own future.

10 reasons to choose Fontenebro International School

  1. Personalized and individualized teaching of each student, adapting to their particular learning needs, which allows them both the development of skills and abilities and the development of their self-esteem. We offer special care in tutorial work and communication with families. Our students work in small groups. Our student-teacher ratio is excellent, 1 teacher for every 8 students. In addition, from the infant stage we have a complete program of “Playful Philosophy for children” up to 3rd EPO through which we develop the critical and thinking capacity of our students.
  2. Bilingualism and a clear international vocation: we are a Spanish-English bilingual school, and we incorporate a third language from 4th grade onwards, to choose between French and German. 100% immersion in English in the infant stage in the groups of 1 and 2 years. Official Examination Center of Cambridge (English), Goethë (German) and Delf (French).
  3. Active and participatory methodology. We encourage student involvement and responsibility, making them the protagonist of their own learning process. Our teaching staff is made up of specialist professionals from the 21st century and is constantly immersed in training programs, with the aim of researching and learning about the most advanced techniques and teaching methods.
  4. New technologies. Our students are accustomed from the earliest stages to the use of the most advanced technologies. We work under the G-Suit virtual learning environment and we have introduced the Google Classroom platform, which allows technology to be integrated into all educational areas of the school. Google Classroom is the ideal place to organize tasks and projects in all subjects, it allows teamwork between students and teachers, both at school and at home.
  5. Emotional Education and training in Values. We develop a complete Emotional Education program for all students in collaboration with the Botín Foundation, which favors the emotional, intellectual and social growth of students, promotes communication and improves coexistence. Through this program we help our students to know and trust themselves, to understand others, to recognize and express emotions and ideas, to develop self-control, to learn to make responsible decisions, manage emotions, value and care their health and improve their social and communication skills.
  6. We provide key learning experiences in the educational process. We develop a curriculum that, in addition to the acquisition of knowledge, provides a series of learning experiences that allow the development of creativity, critical thinking, initiative and an entrepreneurial spirit. Students participate in learning experiences such as environmental and solidarity projects, promotion of communication skills in English and Spanish, development of critical thinking skills, etc…
  7. Committed to music education, sports and caring for the environment as key pieces in the learning process. These areas are especially important in our educational project, promoting healthy habits and essential values ​​such as creativity, effort, teamwork, imagination, participation, integration, responsibility and respect for others.
  8. We obtain magnificent academic results, the result of an adequate teaching/learning methodology and a culture that values ​​effort and the desire to excel and improve. Laude Fontenebro with 100% approved and presented to EBAU is among the highest marks in the University entrance exams and in the last call 50% of our students obtained entrance marks above 11/14 and 20 % of them from 13/14.
  9. We have a wide variety of extracurricular activities to complement academic training, grouped into Sports Schools (Judo, yoga, soccer, basketball, swimming, rescue and first aid, rhythmic and acrobatic gymnastics, etc…) Art School, Dance School, School of Music (violin, piano, guitar, drums, etc…), Chess, School of Mathematical Logical Thought, etc…
  10. We have magnificent facilities that are constantly updated and improved: swimming pool, sports hall, psychomotor classrooms, music and dance classrooms, soccer and basketball fields, playground, swings, separate children’s playground, dining room (own kitchen). and design of healthy menus), laboratories (physics, biology and chemistry), robotics and new technologies classroom, plastic and art classrooms, library, etc…

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